Gold Coast



The Arrival

Cosmic Messenger

Expanding Horizons

(photo: Miguel Oscar)

Electric Guitar Improvisation No. 3 in B minor

Electric Guitar Improvisation No. 2 in D minor

Electric Guitar Improvisation No. 1 in E minor

Acoustic guitar improvisation.

Acoustic guitar improvisation

Acoustic guitar improvisation featuring my two little puppies Doggy and Blacky, they just wanted to sing along.

Fortress in the Ice

Your home as it was is now here on earth

 (photo: courtesy of its owner)


Water Lily

 (photo: courtesy of its owner)

A Storm is coming

better run for shelter

 (photo: Miguel Oscar)

Fourth Reflection

At the Lighthouse


 (photo courtesy of it's owner)

The color of dawn

Second Reflection


 (photo: Miguel Oscar)

First Reflection

Sun rising, day goes by


After the sun set


 (photos: Miguel Oscar)

The Universe, the sea, the stars, the work of the creator.

Night of stars

Night falls at the pharaoh's palace

afternoon meditation


A journey into the bottom of the sea

Classical guitar

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